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Pryzm is based in West Leederville, Western Australia.

We do Social Media Marketing, Websites, Marketing Consultancy.

We are a strategy-based business; meaning we craft unique creative concepts for the client using the best creatives around town. We make our own creative content, as well as using our carefully selected network of specialised freelancers to deliver quality for our clients.

Our mission is to make impressions, not just serve them. That is, creating effective advertisements which don't just reach your audience but influence the way they think about your business and it's product.

Brands we've worked with:

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Social Media Marketing

We shape our Social Media Marketing service around your real marketing goals and data analysis, so you know it's more than just pretty content.

Pryzm can work at various levels of involvement, from executing a single creative campaign at a time, to ongoing management of your whole SMM communication network.


Website Creation

We make our websites simple to use and beautiful to see.

Unlike many web developers, Pryzm build websites to send a strong, consistent marketing message. We focus on keywords & visual content and we enjoy working with your Search Engine Optimisation partners too!

Marketing Consultancy

Pryzm Director Harley Mitaros is available at an hourly rate to help steer your business or project overall direction and strategy.

We're happy to join committees, board meetings, one-on-one meetings, video calls and more on a regular or ad-hoc basis.


Pryzm News and Blog.


Our portfolio of happy clients.

We're proudly high achievers at Pryzm.
Read through our case studies of past results with some of our previous and current clients.

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