Facebook declares war on Twitch with FB.gg

Twitch v Facebook.jpg

Announced this week, Facebook has set its crosshairs on the lucrative video game streaming market with its newest online platform Fb.gg.

Fb.gg is set to launch soon to become the direct rival of gaming-specialised social media channel Twitch, where over 15 million monthly users frequently stream their in-game experience of different video games. A majority of Twitch's audience is aged 18-34 years old.

Like Twitch, Fb.gg will also feature esports competitions and conferences from around the world, as well as gaming. However, its key point of difference will be its Level Up program for up and coming creators, where users will be able to donate 'stars' worth a cash value to creators.

The new channel will be a new opportunity for gamers worldwide and intriguing to see if Facebook can reinvigorate its engagement with the crucial 18-34 year old market.