Social media is no longer the future. It's the now.

Today, 1 in 2 Australians use social media on a daily basis, a statistic that goes as high as 79% for Australians aged 18-29.

Around the world, over 2 billion people are checking into Facebook on at least a monthly basis.

Between Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat at least once per month, turning social media marketing into the world's single most powerful marketing tool.

With the advent of the smart phone & online behaviour tracking, now marketers can find their target market on a detailed level never achieved by traditional media; print, television and radio. 

That's why your business should strongly consider a professional approach to your social media marketing activities.

Now, with four million advertisers competing against each other for very limited ad space, you need to make your paid content count. That's where Pryzm can help.


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Our Social Media Marketing service is built on three pillars:

Goals-focused approach: We focus on the right results.

We look further than just likes, engagement and reach; we use your tangible marketing goals to shape your online message.

Professional Content: We craft high quality promo material.

We can execute or source photography, videography, blog and article writing, graphic design, illustration and animation.

Detailed Audience Targeting: Finding your target market.

Using your inside knowledge of your business, previous analytics and audience insights, we can find your target market online.

Which Social Media Marketing service is best for you?

Social Media Management

Pryzm manages your week-to-week communication with your earned audience (followers/page likes).

Advertising Campaigns

Pryzm concentrates on producing a singular or series of content piece(s), focusing on a direct marketing goal.

Social Media Strategy

Pryzm devises a strategy based on data insights for you or your social team to use.

Creative Content

Pryzm creates or sources a graphic designer, photographer or videographer for your business.

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