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That's why we ask you all the important questions! Following filling in this appraisal...

We'll contact you with a quote (email or phone) and if you're satisfied, to arrange a meeting (either face-to-face or video).

In that meeting, we'll discuss and agree upon a content timeline and audience targeting plan to achieve your goals, based on the answers in this document.

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GOALS: What are your primary goals you are looking to achieve with social media marketing? *
Note: All of these goals are linked to increased sales.
Go into as much detail as possible so we understand fully what we need to base our service around.
If you have no purchasers of your product, describe what your target market is looking for.
Leave blank if unimportant.
Leave blank if unimportant.
Include age brackets (e.g. my Target Market is typically aged 18-30 years old). Leave blank if unimportant.
Leave blank if unimportant.
Vague description acceptable. Leave blank if unimportant.
Are they typically happy or sad when purchasing the product? Are your market skeptical, in a certain frame of mind? Do they have certain traits at work, after work, with family that are important to your business' appeal?
For example, a business selling Fishing Rods could have a target market interested in fishing, boats, the ocean, outdoor activities etc.
PERSONA: Check each box below that refers to a trait that you think describes your business suitably. *
If we missed any major ones, feel free to share in next question
Here we try to personify your brand, imagine it as a voice and tone and how it will speak to its followers.
Think tone, language, volume, warmth etc.
If you're not sure, select three businesses in your industry that you use as a benchmark for your business, or leave blank.
FINAL Qs: Which social media channels do you currently use?
If you're unsure or would rather not share, leave question blank.