A step-by-step guide to collecting your leads.

1. To collect your leads, firstly log into your Facebook account then head to your Elders branch page. You should see something like this:

2. On the top bar is an option that reads 'Publishing Tools' (framed by red box above). Click on that - now you should see this screen:

3. You'll see on the left hand side bar the option reading 'Forms Library' (framed in red again). Click on that to see your forms, see below:

4. Hit the download button and voila! You have your leads details in excel form!

Most of the columns will appear to be gibberish, but ignore those. You'll notice in the far right columns the details that your new leads filled in, including their contact details.

Mark them down, follow them up and do what you do best to turn this potential customer into a home appraisal and eventual home listing.

Try to do this every 2-3 days!