We design straight-forward websites that are optimised to look great and for easy customer use & website navigation.

Local is no longer strictly defined by geography.

Since the advent of websites and Google, building a digital home online has become just as important (or even more important) as your shopfront or office itself.

Businesses across the whole world can now express their ideas, showcase their products and present their brand to a global audience. From having to rely on expensive television, radio and print advertising, small businesses now are able to reach bigger audiences in the form of websites. Today, websites are still a crucial part of the brand and performance of any operating small business.

Even if your business is well recognised, a website delivered below your customers' expectation can diminish the credibility of your brand.

Pryzm creates websites that are both visually sleek and functional. As a marketing firm by heart, we shape your website around achieving your business & marketing goals and embodies more than just a sleek design. We measure our success on three different factors:

1.     Purpose: Fulfilling the marketing objective of the website.

2.     Interactivity: The ease of using and navigating your new website.

3.     Aesthetics: The overall look of the website and the tone it sets for your brand.

Pryzm Services

We use template web builders and more bespoke options to ensure our websites remain competitive in price and quality. Our services include:

Squarespace Website Design

We also offer Email Marketing Services to help drive web traffic to your website.


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