Social Media Marketing

SMM is all about building & maintaining the relationship between your business and its current & potential customers.

Imagine you're standing in a hall, microphone in hand, with every single one of your customers and potential customers in front of you.
What would you say to them?

Whether it's a few hundred or millions of people in front of you, the way forward remains the same; engage your audience with a message that relates to them and causes an emotional but memorable reaction. For those supporters to walk out of that hall remembering your brand, let alone sold on it, you need to build a rapport. Here is where so many businesses get it wrong on social media.

Social media is all about a conversation, not a lecture or advertisement.

For so many businesses, they go for sell sell sell. It's a strategy that long term doesn't bode well for your brand. Unlike with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is about building and maintaining the relationship between your business and its current and potential customers.

Pryzm Services

Our job is to link our clients to communities to achieve your marketing goals - whether that be to increase number of sales, boost brand awareness or simply improve your online image. See our full list of SMM services below:

Campaign Management
Adverts & Amplified Content
Strategy & Branding
Live Event Coverage
Analytics & Reports
Insights & Research
Community Management


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